Styling Services

Jacqui Jenkins

Work with me to embrace your unique style with my following styling offerings.

I privately work with my clients to build joy and confidence in who they are as women leaders, fashionistas, and individuals embracing their lives with fashion selections that enable them to show their best selves. When you’re confident in your look, there’s no stopping what you can achieve. You can kill it in a boardroom presentation and still go out to cocktail hour after work and look fabulous.

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Styling for C-Suite Women

Women are taking the corporate world by storm now more than ever. This service specializes in workplace styling for C-suite-level fashionistas and those aspiring to be in the C-suite who are looking to present themselves with bold confidence and style in the workplace. We already know you’ve got the wit and intelligence to excel. I’d love to help you enhance that with a style that is uniquely yours.

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Closet Edit

Reimagining What’s in Your Closet

90-minute session + planning survey + closet strategy document

The Closet Edit service is an individual styling session sharing fashion insight on how to reimagine what’s in your closet to create outfits from what you already own while incorporating suggestions of what you might add to make you never say again; I have nothing to wear. In addition to the 90-minute, virtual or in-person session, the service also includes a brief pre-session planning survey for me and for you to learn more about your closet desires. After the session, you will also receive a closet strategy document, including outfits and styling tips customized for your fashion goals. Shall we begin?

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Occasion / Event Styling

Do you have a wedding, vanity photoshoot, career-changing professional engagement, or special event with that special someone and want to make sure your outfit is perfect? Schedule an Occasion/Event Styling service that includes a styling and shopping session to find the look that meets your occasion. The service includes a maximum of 4 hours of consultant and or shopping time to make sure your outfit exceeds your fashion expectations. Service can occur in-person or virtually.

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Corporate Styling Services

Showing employees how to present themselves confidently and professionally at work is a valuable investment in your employees that will make for a happier, more productive workplace. This service includes training on methods for displaying confidence in the workplace through fashion and the development of employee fashion guides.

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Styling on Demand

(Retained Service)

This service is perfect for the on-the-go woman with consistent styling needs. This can mean guidance on packing for your next business trip or all-inclusive vacation, styling for a special event, or fashion guidance in your day-to-day life!