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As we browse to find that perfect look. Bloomingdale’s 59th St. New York NY.

Let’s explore five fashion tips to be camera-ready.  When your BFF, a leading neuropsychologist, is invited to share her words of wisdom on video, it’s a great reason to spend a Saturday afternoon shopping closets and finding the perfect outfit for the occasion.  While today’s selfie culture makes it seem like everyone wakes up camera-ready, there is an art and a little science to picking the right on-air outfit.  These are my five fashion tips on prepping for a video debut.


  • Dress for the Occasion.  The first thing to do when preparing for a video appearance is to gain an understanding of the show’s format.  What does the set look like?  Will you be sitting or standing?  Does the program have a formal or more casual vibe?  What is your role in the video?  By answering these questions, you will be able to match your look with the video focus.

Yes, there might be a ton of color options, but you want the color that works best with your complexion.  Think about how the color will look under video lighting.

  • Create a wow moment.  Video cameos are great because they position you as an expert in your field.  They also create a means to connect you with the audience in a personal manner by your engagement on the screen.  For these reasons, COLOR is key.  There are some basic rules like don’t wear white on camera because it often drowns a person out on screen.  While black is slimming, it can be a little blah.  Look for colors that work with your skin tone.  To find the perfect color, I suggest you take pictures of yourself to see how various colors will appear on your complexion from a camera lens.  Remember, professional videos typically work with bright lights.   For that reason, you want a color that works well under the lights.  For my BFF, we went with a warm and vibrant color of burnt orange.  It truly popped and created a high-energy feel that tied in with the image she was looking to project on camera.
  • Don’t be a walking billboard or distract the eye.  Unless you are doing an advertisement promotion, my recommendation is to avoid logos on your outfit.  They could date the piece and also may limit where the footage could be shown.  Stripes and plaids may be a challenge to the eye.  While I typically suggest fashions with visual variety, for video, stay away from busy patterns that cause the eye to work too hard to focus on you.

Try on your pieces to ensure you like the look and the feel. Because camera lights can be hot, think about this when selecting a material. 

  • Think about the total image.  Because videos are all about the visual, you want to ensure that your total look is correct.  While your outfit is key, you also want your hair, makeup, and nails to be on point.  Just as I would take my car to the mechanic for a tune-up vs. me trying to do it at home, I say the same thing for hair, makeup, and nails.  Call a professional!!!  On camera, you want a flawless look.  If unable to visit a professional, then practice grooming techniques by watching the numerous social media demonstrations.
  • Enjoy the experience.  While it might seem that there are a ton of things that you must do to get ready for a video appearance, it can also be a great excuse to pamper yourself.  Treat yourself to a facial and makeover.  Maybe this is a chance to add a coveted piece to your wardrobe.  Whatever you do, make this moment special for you.

I am pleased to say that for my BFF we created a look that was professional but warm due to the bright color.  We selected a dress with a timeless silhouette that added to my BFF’s charm.  I hope these tips will be helpful for your next appearance; I can’t wait to see you on video.


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