Pleasure to make your acquaintance, how may I be of assistance?

I am passionate about sharing with women fashion-oriented ways to embrace their essence through personal styling, education, and curated product offerings featuring diverse designers from the U.S. and abroad. Fast forward to today, where I believe I can do my part in helping women realize their true power. It’s my purpose.

As a fashion lover and woman of color who some days tirelessly navigated the corporate world, I understand the importance of using our femininity and personal style to our advantage – unique ways to be remembered, means to build relationships, and access to unconventional roles and opportunities. By leaning into my style, I gained confidence and recognition as a leader who was respected and distinguished from my peers. Fast forward to today, where I believe If I can do my part in helping women realize their true power, I’ve accomplished my mission.

Displaying boldness and confidence through fashion can be a scary thing, especially if you are used to working so hard to blend in. So let me tell you a bit about me, and the scary thing I did that transformed my life for the better…

Creating my Own Path

After earning my MBA from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and working 20 years in roles like a CFO for a tech start-up, COO for an accounting firm, and management consultant with one of the big six firms, I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my career only doing the things I love with individuals who inspire me and support the development of others. Yes! I walked away from a career I spent two decades building for my own happiness and peace of mind. #bestdecisionever

I found myself starting over in the fashion industry, one that is historically ageist, and had to navigate it as a newbie. Because I didn’t start my career as a typical fashion industry professional, I had to get creative and find avenues in fashion that leveraged my skills while also allowing me to advance in my new career. After nearly eight years of working on my transition, I am now a senior leader at a world-renowned academic institution focused on fashion with insanely talented people, I am a published author on the topic of the business of fashion – supply chain management, and I am carving my niche in the fashion industry by building Sophisticated Curation, a community servicing the fashion desires of the savvy fashionista. #lifeisgood

While my journey has been long and probably the scariest yet best thing I’ve ever done, with confidence, I say that I would happily do it all over again because there’s no joy like living your passion and purpose.

What is your life vision?

Are you living your passion and purpose?

How can fashion support your goals?

What can we do together to embrace the most fashionable, fabulous version of YOU?